The Very Easy Teepee Pattern: Floor Mat

Hopefuly you will have finished your teepee and it looks amazing I am sure!

Here are some instructions on how I made the soft floor mat for my nephews teepee.

1. Below I have illustrated the squares you will need to cut out. I suggest you use 3 different fabrics for the three different shapes.

2. now cut out the underside of your mat. I made mine with just one piece of fabric measuring 122cm x 122cm but you could duplicate the above instructions so that your mat will look the same both sides.

3. now sew your squares together as illustrated below in strips. The seam allowance is 1cm. Iron open the seams.

4. Now sew the 3 strips together and again iron open the seams.

5. you will now have 2 large squares.

6. Filling your floor mat. I used a double duvet that I was throwing out, I cut the duvet to measure 120 x 120cm and then sewed the cut edges back together with a simple straight stitch. You could do this, you could buy a cheap new foam duvet or indeed you could use wadding or even bean bag filling.

If you decide to use a duvet, sew the two large squares (with the right sides together) leaving a gap large enough to put the duvet inside. I then top stitched the seam closed, you could hand sew this or if you are an acomplised sewer; sew in a zip. I didnt include a zip because the whole thing easily fits in the washing machine, so easy to keep clean.

Here is a picture of my Toy Story mad nephew enjoying his teepee and under the toys and cushions you can see a peak of the floor mat. (yes, i made cushions too!)


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