The very Easy dress up collection: Dress up storage box

Hopefully you will have received your Bear In The Hood Dress Up Pattern  and are now eager to try your hand at some simple DIY woodwork. Here goes!

The dress up box/rail is really simple and easy to construct especially when you get your wood cut to size at the Hardware Store (I wouldnt recommend you start sawing MDF). All the measurements are in the pattern instruction booklet. We bought our products at B&Q and they came to £31.

You will need a spare pair of hands for this, my dad helped me and even though I'm 40 he still doesn't trust me with his drill!

Let's get started!

The materials you will need for construction

The materials you will need for construction

Step 1. Lay your base panel on the floor. Next to it place a side panel at a right angle, flush to the base, and mark a line in pencil.

Step 2. Mark 3 equal points in which you are going to drill a hole.

Step 3. Drill holes slighty thinner than the screws you are going to use. We counter sunk our screw heads so used a larger drill head penetrating the MDF roughly 4 millimetres (ish).

Step 4. Squiggle some wood glue along the strip.

Step 5. Now screw your 3 screws into the side and through to the base

Step 6. Repeat for the second side and you should now have this structure.

Step 7. In exactly the same way as you did the sides, put the front side, resting on the floor against the base and sides. Mark with a pencil, mark holes (3 along each side and 4 along the bottom). Drill holes, glue and screw

Step 8. Repeat for the back panel of the box.

Step 9. You are finished, your box should look as mine does below.

I've only rested the rail and sockets here for illustration. Before I screw on the rail sockets, I will paint the box/rail then screw in the brass sockets and rail once done.

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