Altering the Teepee Patterns

I get asked this question a lot, especially with regard to the Teepee paterns:

The Very Easy Teepee Pattern

The Very Easy Pet Teepee

Can I make the pattern bigger?

The answer is yes, it is a little bit more complicated with the childrens Teepee but its very simple with the Pet Teepee.  

You need to add the width through the middle of the pattern pieces, starting with the teepee sides as pictured below, the pale pink depicts what you will be adding.  You will need to draw a straight line from the bottom and top points to make a new straight line.

Make sure that what ever you add to the width of the teepee sides you also add the base of the teepee as pictured below:

Now all you need to do is make longer pole slots.  I would measure the new side measurement and add the seam allowance.  Make longer than shorter in case of error, as my mum always told me measure twice cut once (it avoids lots of swearing!)

You can use this same principal with the childrens Teepee pattern but it is a little more complicated as there are more components/pattern pieces to change.  It is very doable for experienced sewers but if you are a beginner I wouldn't attempt until you become a bit more experienced. 

Hope that helps.  

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Happy sewing x 



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