By emseandesme, Aug 22 2015 12:40PM

Hopefuly you will have finished your teepee and it looks amazing I am sure!

Here are some instructions on how I made the soft floor mat for my nephews teepee.

1. Below I have illustrated the squares you will need to cut out. I suggest you use 3 different fabrics for the three different shapes.

By emseandesme, Aug 13 2015 10:16AM

If you are looking for a gift for a little one, our hoodies are a great option. They are fun, personal and most importantly they get lots of wear. The amount of my customers that tell me there children wear their hoodies all the time and for years. My nephew is still wearing his 2 years later (although i have made him a further 2! to order a hoody its easy. just get in touch through email claire@bearinthehood.co.uk or via the Bear in the Hood facebook page, links of which are on this site.

By emseandesme, Aug 12 2015 01:00PM

Thank you to all of the people that have bought The Very Easy Teepee pattern. I have had such amazing feedback. Its still available to buy in our online shop.

I was particularly excited when Elaine sent me photo's of the Teepee she has made for Ellie. Its brilliant! As a dog mad person myself, I particularly love the silhouellte of their pet dog appliqued on the side together with butterflies and the added bunting. This illustrates once youve mastered the basic structure you can 'pimp up' your Teepee however you like.

By emseandesme, Aug 7 2015 02:28PM

When my friend asked me to make a teepee for her Godson who is mad on all things army I jumped at the chance, I love a theme. So this is the result, a camouflage teepee that hopefully Robert will love. Before handing it over, we took to the woods to photograph it (see below). I borrowed my nephew Henry who is modelling.

Making your own teepee is so much fun because you can theme it to suit your little ones loves and interests. The pattern i available to buy in the shop and i promise...it really is easy!

A camouflage Teepee
A camouflage Teepee

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