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Bear in The Hood


Claire Brake



When I appliquéd my nephews

name on the back of a red hoody for

his 1st Birthday, I didn't realise then

that it would be the first of hundreds

I would sew.  


Edward lived in his personalised hoodie, and I began getting requests.  I'd just relocated to Dorset from London, I had an events business which I was becoming less and less enthusiastic about and decided a fresh start was just what I needed.  


I started a Facebook page and quickly built up a regular influx of orders.  


As my nephews grow up, the collection evolves.  I try to make them something personal for Birthdays and Christmas and then it gets added to the Bear in the Hood range.  Cushions, nursery prints, the Bear Balaclava, T-Shirts, and my latest product the Very Easy Teepee Pattern which has been hugely successful.


To place an order for a personalised Hoody, cushion or T-shirt please contact me

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